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WEPZA Citations

“WEPZA is the only proven way to create jobs in the developing countries.”

–Peter Drucker, as quoted in WEPZANews, Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2005


WEPZA has been referenced numerous times in the news, in scholarly works, and on websites.  Here are some of the references since 1991:


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Tan Thuan Corporation, "About TTC" (Listing Tan Thuan as a WEPZA member since 1995) (Dec. 9, 2016),

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List of Free Economic Zones in Russia provided by (in Russian)

Links for Foreign Trade Zone Resources by International DOT:

Biography of Robert Haywood, President of WEPZA:

Biography of Kürşad Tüzmen kimdir, WEPZA Director (in Turkish), of Kürşad Tüzmen kimdir, WEPZA Director, by En Son Haber(June 24, 2014) (in Turkish)

Biography of Kürşad Tüzmen, WEPZA Director, by the Turkish Breast Cancer Center in Mersin:

List of Links Related to Free Zones provided by the Sabac, Serbia Free Zone:

Biography of Kürşad Tüzmen kimdir, WEPZA Director (in Turkish):

Secretary General of WEPZA, Jean-Paul Gauthier Profile on Viadeo:

Investing in African Mining - INDABA, "Speaker Details: Claude Baissac" (Oct. 6, 2014),


Aldo Berlinguer, “The Policy Does Not Stop the Free Zone” (Sept. 4, 2013) (arguing for free zone status for Sardinia) (in Italian):

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Biography of Martin Gustavo Ibarra, member of WEPZA,

Biography of Biography of Kürşad Tüzmen kimdir, WEPZA Director (in Turkish),

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Message from WEPZA by Claude Baissac Posted to the WEPZA Organization Page on Linkedin:

Biography of Oussama El Omari on the “2011 Construction Week Power 100,” list, Construction Week

IBCCIM (Iranian-British Chamber of Commerce) “About Us”


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Micaela Cappellini, L’impresa globale va a caccia de “Free Zone,”  (“Global Enterprises go hunting for Free Zones”) Il Sole 24 Ore (Sept. 6, 2010) (in Italian),

Comment Post on Micaela Cappellini, L’impresa globale va a caccia de “Free Zone,”  Il Sole 24 Ore (Sept. 6, 2010) (in Italian), 

PG Parovel, Le zone franche aumentano e prosperano in tutto il mondo, tranne che da noi… (“Free Zones Increase and Thrive in the World, Except by Us…”), La Voce di Trieste (Aug. 11, 2014) (in Italian)

University of Delhi Faculty Details Page for Aradhna Aggarwal:

California University – Silicon Valley Faculty Bio for Professor George Lee


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Profile of Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, WEPZA member:

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Link no longer working:

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Explorer's Foundation: 

Study of EPZs (in Ukrainian):

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Spreading Peace and Prosperity through Zones of Prosperity and Success-Sharing Zones, Flow,

Congratulations to the American People, (describing the development of the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone),

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Djibouti Officials Discusses Cooperation with RAK Free Trade Zone, Hiiraan Online, (Aug. 23, 2007),

Bepza Elected VP of World EPZ Assoc., The Daily Star (May 4, 2007),

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RAK Free Trade Zone Participates in WEPZA 2007, WAM Emirates News Agency (Apr. 20, 2007),

Representatives of World Free Zones to Meet, Turkish Airlines Skylife Magazine (discussing the 2007 WEPZA conference),

RAK Free Trade Zone CEO Takes Seat as WEPZA Secretary General, AME Info (May 9, 2007),

Dubai Dreams Sultan Bin Sulayem (Youtube video posted by the UAE government on Dubai’s development)

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Free Zones of the World Meet in Antalya, Turkish Embassy in Beirut (Mar. 9, 2007),

Announcement on the WEPZA 2007 Conference in Antalya (in Turkish):

State Minister Tuzmen of Antalya to attend the 2007 WEPZA conference (in Turkish):

Announcement of the 2007 WEPZA conference by the Turkish-British Chamber of Commerce:


Juha Hintsa, (Cross-Border Research Association) Future Research Agenda for Supply Chain Security, Border Security, and Port Security Management, Powerpoint presentation for the WCO Research Conference in Brussels, Mar. 1–3 (listing WEPZA as a partner organization of the Cross-Border Research Association),

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Free Trade Works (blog maintained by Bob Haywood):

Profile of Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, member of WEPZA:


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Marilena Doncean, Zona Economica Libera (book covering free zones (in Romanian),

Listing Bob Haywood, WEPZA Director, as a 2004 Expert Panelist for the Cross Border Consortium:

World Free Zones Convention, 2004 (Robert Haywood and Richard Bolin spoke):


Study discussing the development of Free Zones (in Turkish):

Current Status of SEZs in India and Abroad,” Report by the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority.

Dr. Divina Edralin, Assessing the Situation of Women Working in the Calabarzon, De La Salle University CBE Working Paper Series (2001–03).

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Tüzmen to Leave the WEPZA Presidency, Hürriyet (in Turkish) (Aug. 28, 2003),

WEPZA Will Gather in Istanbul, NTVMSNBC(in Turkish) (Oct. 12, 2003),

WEPZA: Invest in Turkey, Yeni Safak (reporting on Bob Haywood’s speech at the 2003 WEPZA conference in Istanbul, in Turkish)

WEPZA representatives attended the January 12–15 International Exhibition & Conference on Free Zones and Technology Parks in Dubai:


Expo on Free Trade Zones to Open on Sept. 30, The Economic Times (Sept. 20, 2002),

World Free Zones Convention, 2002 (Robert Haywood and Richard Bolin spoke and WEPZA's Annual General Meeting was held):

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Solnechnogorsk-Sheremetievo Development Company of the Free Economic Zones Admitted to WEPZA:


World Free Zone Convention, 2001 (Secretary-General Robert Haywood spoke on behalf of WEPZA):

Export Processing Zones in Namibia:  Taking a Closer Look, Labour Resource and Research Institute of Namibia (Mar. 2000)

Euro Slide Hitting Turkish Exporters, Albawaba (Sept. 27, 2000) (mentioning that Kursat Tuzmen is in Taiwan heading the 20th annual WEPZA conference),

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Turkish Occupied area of Northern Cyprus Listed in the WEPZA General Almanac as the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,” (1997)

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Famagusta Free Port and Zone:

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