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Newsletter Archive

WEPZA Newsletters from 2005

24 Jan. 2005 – Egypt Finally Gets QIZs; Korea-Basan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone (BJFEZ); Richard Bolin 'Offshoring' Article; Tsunami Relief; WTO; World Bank

22 Feb. 2005 – Mexico Starts New Aggressive Free Zone Program; Economic Processing Zones a Choice for Authentic Development; Bangladesh EPZs

28 Feb. 2005 – Foreign Direct Investment to Increase; The Spaghetti Bowl of Regional Trade Agreements; Pakistan's EPZ Set to Expand

18 Mar. 2005 – Euthanasia for the Doha Round?; Bangladesh; WTO; UNCTAD

02 May 2005 – WTO begins to recognize crisis; Opportunities for EPZ in LDP System; Floating EPZs?; Short Notes-Southwest Asia

17 May 2005 – EU's GSP-Plus-Is it a Minus?; Agricultural Zone Growth; Doha Round Still Stalled; New EU Members Slower Growth; Renewable Energy a Killer

25 June 2005 – WTO Keeps Sliding Backward; EPZs Equal Economic Freedom; Computer By Quanta

10 Aug. 2005 – Russian SEZs, again, at last; UAE Zones Expand to India; WTO Even More Off Track

08 Sept. 2005 – Buying Investment; China's Currency Float; WTO-Services; WTO-Why it is in Crises!

02 Nov. 2005 – Tax Incentives work!; United States "Workshop of the World"!; UAE Free Zone Tax?; WTO

17 Nov. 2005 – WEPZA Friend Peter Drucker Dead At 95; WTO-DOHA Down The Drain?

15 Dec. 2005Special Edition: WTO 2005 Meeting in Hong Kong