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Conferences and Presentations

2015 Presentation to the Mexican Government

Secretary-General Jean-Paul Gauthier assisted the Mexican Ministry of Finance with the development of its SEZ program by presenting "Legal and Institutional Framework for SEZs." President Enrique Peña Nieto recently announced that Mexico would develop several free zones in the South and South-East regions of the country.

2014 Presentation to the South African Department of Trade and Industry

Jean-Paul Gauthier presented "Integrated and Comprehensive SEZ Strategic & Master Plans" in the East London IDZ, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa on September 17, 2014.

2013 Presentation to the International Economic Development Council

Jean-Paul Gauthier presented "Special Economic Zones:  Global Experiences and Best Practices" to the IEDC Annual Convention in Philadelphia, PA, USA on 6 October 2013.

2012 Presentation to the Government of Kenya

Jean-Paul Gauthier presented "Fiscal Incentives for SEZs: International Best Practice" at the Special Economic Zones Policy and Bill Validation Workshop on October 28–30, 2012 in Mombasa, Kenya.

2011 Presentation to South Africa's Centre for Development and Enterprise

Jean-Paul Gauthier presented "Special Economic Zones in Practice:  The roles of government and the private sector in initiating, funding, and managing SEZs" to the CDE on 7 Nov. 2011.  The following year, the CDE published this report on its roundtable on SEZs.

2011 Presentation to the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Jean-Paul Gauthier presented "Le projet de loi portant régime sur les Zones Economiques Spéciales:  Une politique de développement adaptée a la RDC" to the DRC Parliament in Kinshasa on 18 May 2011.

2011 World Bank Presentations

WEPZA members made numerous presentations at the World Bank in 2011.  View the powerpoints from these presentations below:

"Lessons in SEZ Implementation:  Stories from the Trenches" by Jean-Paul Gauthier, Claude Baissac, and Angelica Bertoli Lawson; presented at the World Bank on March 14, 2011.

"Planning and Negotiating PPPs:  An International Legal Perspective" by Jean-Paul Gauthier; presented at the World Bank on May 12, 2011.

2011 Africa Free Zones Association Convention Presentation

Jean-Paul Gauthier presented "SEZs and Regional Integration:  Considerations for EAC Countries" at the 2011 AFZA Convention in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

2007 WEPZA Conference

WEPZA held a conference in Antalya, Turkey from April 18–21, 2007.  At the meeting, Turkish State Minister and WEPZA President Kursad Tuzmen credited Turkey's dramatic increase in foreign trade volume to its creation of foreign trade zones.  He also noted that WEPZA members directed or consulted 15% of global trade. 

2004 WEPZA Conference

WEPZA held its 22nd conference in Cape Town, South Africa on October 31, 2004, alongside the World Free Zone Convention (WFZC). The WEPZA conference included a review and discussion of the WFZC meetings, speeches by several specially invited guests who did not speaking at the WFZC, and a review of WEPZA's activities for the year.

State Minister Kursad Tuzmen congratulated by WEPZA Director Robert Haywood

State Minister Kursad Tuzmen congratulated by WEPZA Director Robert Haywood

2003 WEPZA Conference

WEPZA held its 21st conference in Istanbul, Turkey in 2003.  At the meeting, WEPZA Director Robert Haywood presented Kursad Tuzmen, Turkey's Minister of State with an award from the General Directorate of Free Zones recognizing his outstanding contributions to the Turkish Free Zones.  Speakers included Daniel Oliver, Former U.S. Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission and Richard Bolin, who announced that he was stepping down from his role as co-Director of WEPZA.